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Custom Commissions

Finding the perfect set of dice to fit the theme for your current campaign can be impossible! With so many colors available, it is hard to find something that is just right.  If you're wanting a set of custom dice for yourself (you know your characters need a set to match their aesthetic), or your hardworking DM who has put countless hours in to a campaign, I can make you something unique to bring to your table.  

My sets come standard with 7 pieces (D20, D12, D%, D10, D8, D6, and D4).  Everything that I make is made to be rolled at your table and completely playable.  I do saltwater testing as well as rolling the dice to be sure that they roll statistically randomly.  I have options for additional dice, slightly larger d20s, or if you would like a d20 without my logo and just the standard number "20" on it!  If you are wanting 3D printed inclusions, I print them all in my lab and hand paint them myself, as they are printed to order.  

Commission Starting Prices

Standard 7 Piece Set


This type of set could have glitter, colors, swirls, or mica.

Increased Complexity 7 Piece Set


This type of set would have 3D inclusions that result in a multi-step pour.  Those could be 3D printed items, seashells, teeth, crystals, etc.

Additional Standard Size D20

D20 Size Upgrade

Additional Die(other than D20)




Commissions Currently Closed

I will post on my social media when custom commissions open again!

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